About us

Association of Active Youths of Florina (OENEF)

Description and aims of OENEF:

The efficient and correct function of the norms and grades of the elected, regional and peripheral local government is a fundamental prerequisite for the correct function of a democratic society that everybody wishes. The problems that young people face today in every aspect of their social and professional level are intense and various. Therefore, the regions and their norms should further contribute into the support of young citizens. Consequently, young people should and must be more active participants.       
OENEF was founded because of the need for active participation of the youth in public and for further contribution in sociological, cultural and environmental issues. Furthermore OENEF has the ambition to push young people into activities through dialogue, consideration and exchange of ideas as well as finding solutions and suggestions to issues that concern our society. OENEF’s ultimate aim is the real enhancement of the norms that already exist.
Our aim is to create a body in which decisions will be taken directly from its base (its members) and those decisions will seriously be taken into consideration with the ancient meaning and form of Democracy and the demands of our  era. It is imperative that young people, who feel that they want to offer, should take part in cultural events, social incentives and in exchange-expressions of ideas. Our priority is the close collaboration with equivalent sociological and cultural bodies that share the same interests with us in Greece and abroad as well. The target of coming in contact with such bodies is meeting new norms that have to do with social, cultural and environmental aspects. Last but not least, our aim is to clarify the dialogue and various opinions, through simple democratic procedures in order to find solutions to problems that our society faces nowadays.               
The most distinctive feature of OENEF is the fact that it is open to everybody who wishes to participate actively in its activities either as a member or a friend by taking part in one of its Working Groups, dealing with various topics and activities. OENEF is a Non-Governmental Organization- an   independent body- through which everybody will have the chance and possibility to discuss the issues that concern him. In addition to that, he will be able to suggest solutions, to give his professional point of view and experience and to offer new insights and ideas. This distinctive feature is the ‘secret’ for its successful function.            
Το κείμενο αποτελεί τμήμα το προοιμίου του καταστατικού του ΟΕΝΕΦ και μεταφράστηκε στα αγγλικά από το μέλος του ομίλου και καθηγήτρια αγγλικής φιλολογίας Έλενα Βασιλείου.