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Youth in Action
1.1 – Youth Exchange
"Beyond the Youth"
30th October – 5th November 2012
Florina (Greece)

Dear Partners,
                On the behalf of the Association of Active Youths of Florina (OENEF) we are privileged to invite you to the multilateral youth exchange, which is being realized within Action 1.1, entitled: “Beyond the Youth”. The project takes place between 30th of October and 5th of November 2012 in Florina. Below you can find a brief description of the project.

About the idea and main objectives of the project:
"Beyond the youth" is a multilateral youth exchange designed under the frame of the Youth In Action programme, action 1.1, the basic idea is to gather young people from European countries to work with them on the concept of Youth, in other words, they can explore their own resources and network together to express themselves in the best way, in order to understand how they can be actively helpful for themselves as for the entire society. Further the project means to let young people dialogue each other and with other generations, the purpose is to exchange cultures, ideas and stories, also celebrating the European year 2012 for active ageing and solidarity between generations. The main goal of the project is therefore to increase the European awareness of youth and encourage young people into active participation.

The activities will be based on a non formal methodology that through the intercultural dialogue will be focused on the main themes, that is to say: European awareness and active participation. The projects support all the priorities of the Youth In Action Programme: there will be space for dialogue between generations in the frame of the European Year of the volunteering for Active Ageing, it is our belief that let young generations meet the generation which have seen Europe growing up, might encourage young people to feel more European or at least to get awareness of the European Dimension that affects constantly our ordinary life. Being conscious of belonging to Europe is maybe the biggest challenge we have to face, especially with young people whom sometimes can feel themselves excluded from the great processes. Anyway we believe that both of them can take advantages each other: on one hand youth can learn from experience and on the other hand elderly people can be updated and exchange knowledge and ideas.